What is Bee?

Metodbox Bee is a project management and evaluation platform that enables rubric evaluations that can be used in project-based courses at K1-4 education level.

It is difficult to evaluate production and presentation skills in project-based courses with standard metrics and systems. However, with the "assessment tools" in Metodbox Bee, which is designed to be used in STEM and project lessons, educators can easily evaluate these skills.

  • Metodbox Bee
  • Metodbox Bee
  • Metodbox Bee
  • Metodbox Bee
  • Metodbox Bee
  • Metodbox Bee
  • Metodbox Bee
  • Metodbox Bee

Supports individual and group works.

It makes the learning process enjoyable with its user-friendly interfaces.

Teachers using Metodbox Bee can easily manage the entire project process and project contents while evaluating their students' individual and group performances with a "holistic approach".

With the "evaluation tool" it contains;

Education administrators can view the success and project status in all schools (campuses), levels and classes defined in the system. Teachers can easily report and review students' situations and comparisons with other students.

Metodbox Bee keeps the contents such as all homework, documents and designs that students do throughout the project in the system. At the end of each project, students exhibit these contents on their portfolio page.

With this feature, it keeps the virtual footprints of the students on the system throughout the project processes.



  • Viewing theme contents
  • Adding extra educational materials
  • Creating project groups
  • Defining professions to students
  • Assigning assessments
  • Viewing reports
  • Sending system messages


  • Learning with colorful and enjoyable designs
  • Uploading assessment
  • Viewing all works as e-portfolio at the end of the Project
  • Getting a certificate at the end of the project
  • Sending messages to the teacher and friends


  • Institution Building (school and classroom creation)
  • Create teacher and student list
  • Creating themes
  • Create teacher and student list
  • Creating rubrics
  • Editing the permissions of other accounts
  • Viewing reports of students in their institution
  • Sending system messages

How to use

You can use Metodbox Bee in all project-baseda activities and lessons.

Please fill out the form to start using

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